River Builders

We once had the perfect storm: a huge downpour of rain, followed by bright sunshine. Our puddles were ankle-deep, and the sun kept us warm and cozy!

Some of our friends decided to start building a river by filling a puddle and directing its course.

They tracked its progress, following its course until they reached the end.

Then they filled up the puddle again to see if more water would increase the river’s length.

Somebody stood in the middle of the river to see if they could stop the water, but her friend was amazed when the water seemed to go right under her feet!

Another friend decided to start a new river. Again, they tracked its course, and found it merged with the first river.

And then the hunt was on to find out where all that water was going.

Finally they found it trickling into a hole and disappearing under the fence.

Then they returned to the first puddle and started all over again.

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